“Wait, isn’t your name Charlotte?” is a frequently asked question for me. Well, my real name is Sabina and Charlotte is my nickname. According to that I’m working as a travel agent with American customers in American company, our boss asks us to take nicknames, which are easier to spell. That’s why I’m usually calling myself Charlotte.

I’m a Russian girl born and living in Riga, Latvia. A regular person, who studies, works and goes out with friends, the only thing that makes me different from my friends – I’m really into traveling. I don’t have a big list of already visited countries, because I’m 19 years old only. But I do believe that I will have everything in the future.

p1130178For now, I really like to tell stories about places where I have been. And the biggest dream of mine for this moment is traveling to New York. It all started in early childhood, when I saw the Big Apple in the movie on TV, I was so shocked, that I started being addicted to this city. This is where you can find me next Spring 😉